ASNEL Papers 16

Commodifying (Post)Colonialism.
Othering, Reification, Commodification and the New Literatures and Cultures in English.

ASNEL Papers 16.
Emig, Rainer & Oliver Lindner (eds.)
Brill, Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2010.


Table of Contents



Jens Martin Gurr: Bourdieu, Capital, and the Postcolonial Marketplace


Oliver Lindner: ‘Savage’ Violence and the Colonial Body in Nathaniel Crouch’s The English Acquisitions in Guinea and East India (1708) and in Edward Cooke’s A Voyage to the South Sea (1712)

Carl Plasa: Saccharographies

Wolfgang Funk: “The dark races stand still, the fair progress”: Matthew Kneale’s English Passengers and the Intellectual Commodification of Colonial Encounter in Tasmania

Sissy Helff: Alice in Oz: A Children’s Classic between Imperial Nostalgia and Transcultural Reinvention

Lars Eckstein: Think Local Sell Global: Magical Realism, The Whale Rider, and the Market

Ksenia Robbe: Dialogue Within Changing Power-Structures: Commodification of Black South African Women’s Narratives by White Women Writers?

Cecile Sandten: Phantasmagorical Representations of Postcolonial Cityscapes in Salman Rushdie’s Fury (2002) and Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found (2004)


Samy Azouz: Amiri Baraka’s Revisiting of Slavery : Memory, Historical Amnesia, and Commodification

Katharina Rennhak: Moving Beyond Irish (Post)Colonialism by Commodifying (Post)Colonial Stage Irishness: Martin McDonagh’s Plays as Global Commodities

Film and Pop Music

Stephan LaquƩ: The Moveable Frontier: John Ford and Howard Hawks at Home and in Africa

Birte Heidemann: “We are the ones you do not see”: The Need for a Change of Focus in Filming Black Britain

Sabine Nunius: Exoticism and Authenticity in Contemporary British-Asian Popular Culture : The Commodification of Difference in Bride & Prejudice and Apache Indian’s Music

Ana Cristina Mendes: Salman Rushdie Superstar: The Making of Postcolonial Literary Stardom

Graham Huggan: Celebrity Conservationism, Postcolonialism, and the Commodity Form

Notes on Contributors