GAPS Thesis Register

GAPS thesis register

Enter the Register here. (If you are a member and haven’t been issued with the password, please contact the coordinator, Geoff Rodoreda.)

What is the GAPS thesis register?

GAPS members do a lot of work with graduates and undergraduates on supervising PhD, BA, MA or Zula theses. Sometimes, it’d be nice to know if others are working with students on similar thesis topics. As well, it might be helpful for students to link up directly and network with each other for thesis research.

The Register reveals:
• the student’s name
• the university or institution the student is affiliated with
• the topic or title of the BA or MA thesis or Zula or PhD
• a rough timeframe the student is working on or worked on the thesis or Zula
• the name of the supervisor

Once you are in the Register, as a GAPS member or as a student, click on the name or alias of either the student or the supervisor to establish direct email contact. Network away!

How can I register a thesis?

Supervisors can register their students’ theses by filling in this form. If you are a student and would like to register your own thesis, direct your supervisor here or send them the form. They can also give you the password to the register.


If there are any questions or problems, contact the coordinator of the Register, Geoff Rodoreda.