past annual conferences

past annual conferences

‘Word and Image’, Koblenz 2006

‘Translating Cultures’, Kiel 2005

‘Transcultural English Studies’, Frankfurt 2004

‘Dis-Orientation in the New World Order’, Magdeburg 2003

‘Embracing the Other: Addressing Xenophobia in the New Literatures in English’, Erfurt 2002

‘The Politics of English as a World Language’, Freiburg 2001

‘Towards a Transcultural Future: Literature and Society in a “Post”-Colonial World’, Aachen-Liège 2000

‘Colonies – Missions – Cultures’, Tübingen 1999

‘Other Worlds, Other Texts, Other Questions’, Osnabrück 1998

‘Traveling, Migration, Dislocation’, Hannover 1997

‘Spaces In-Between: Negotiating Boundaries in Postcolonial Writing’, Konstanz 1996

‘Intertextuality and Transcultural Communication’, Trier 1995

‘Exploring Theory’, Attendorn 1994

‘The Fusion of Cultures?’, München 1993

‘Defining New Idioms and Alternative Forms of Expression in the New English Literatures’, Bayreuth 1992

‘Traditionalism vs. Modernism in the New Literatures in English’, Essen 1991

‘Mediating Cultures: Probleme des Kulturtransfers’, Mannheim 1990

Commonwealth Literature / New Literatures in English Conferences before 1990:

‘Them and Us: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the New Literatures in English’, Giessen 1989

‘Crisis and Conflict in the New Literatures in English’, Aachen-Liège 1988

‘The New Literatures and Language Studies: A Challenge to Comparative Studies’, Königstein (Frankfurt) 1987

‘Sex and Power in Commonwealth Literature’, Laufen (Salzburg), 1986

‘North-South Tensions in the Commonwealth’, Berlin (West) 1985

‘The Short Story in the Commonwealth’, Feldkirchen (München) 1984

‘Commonwealth Literature: The Creative Tension Between Indigenous and Metropolitan Cultures’, Bayreuth 1983

‘Modern Commonwealth Poetry’, Dersau, Plöner See (Kiel) 1982

‘Drama im Commonwealth’, Oberjoch (Tübingen) 1980

‘Commonwealth-Literatur in Deutschland’, Frankfurt 1977, Augsburg 1978, Bremen 1979