teaching day

teaching day

The GAPS Teaching Day is taught by GAPS members for interested teachers in the form of locally organised teacher training workshops. The format aims at enhancing teachers’ awareness and familiarizing them with cutting-edge topics in postcolonial studies. It can include a lecture or workshop on the introduction of hands-on teaching materials for GAPS-related topics in Anglophone literatures and cultures, languages, and media. Within this framework, it is also possible to invite writers, poets or performance artists working on GAPS-related topics for a reading. A GAPS Teaching Day should be organized in cooperation with the local or regional education agency in order to guarantee acknowledgement as a certified teacher training workshop for the teachers’ professional records.

If you are interested in organising a GAPS Teaching Day, please contact the executive board by emailing the president. Organizers can also apply for financial support (e.g. for an author’s reading or a keynote speaker) through GAPS.

past teaching days

GAPS Teaching Day at Chemnitz University of Technology, 7 Nov 2019


Didactics Representative on the GAPS board