students & young academics

students & young academics

Students and young academics welcome!

GAPS is an organisation committed to intensive academic exchange in the field of Anglophone Postcolonial Studies, not only on the level of professors and professional scholars. It is among the central aims of the association to support students and young academics in their studies of postcolonial literatures, cultures and theories and to establish Postcolonial Studies as a regular feature of Anglophone research and teaching.

Consequently, the association encourages young scholars to join GAPS and participate in the academic exchange that the association fosters. At its conferences, GAPS provides students and young academics with the opportunity to find out more about Anglophone postcolonial literatures and cultures and to enter into an active dialogue with scholars and authors from the field. In addition, GAPS offers information and support to students who are interested in the field or plan a thesis or dissertation in Anglophone Postcolonial Studies.

Students and PhD candidates who are pursuing Postcolonial Studies can become full members of the association at reduced rates; they are welcome at our annual conferences; and they are represented on the GAPS board. Being a member of GAPS means being part of a lively academic network which is likely to complement and enrich your studies in many ways, not only if you are planning an academic career.

Sustaining GAPS memberships available

We invite applications by students who wish to be GAPS members but find it difficult to pay the membership fees. The fee will be subsidized by the Sustained Members of GAPS. Applicants should write to the president as well as the treasurer of GAPS, briefly explaining why they wish to be considered under this category.


Contact the students and young academics representative on the GAPS board.

GAPS events for students and young academics

Students and young academics are welcome to participate in three recurrent events that are supported by GAPS to foster the exchange with like-minded peers: the annual conference, the biannual GAPS Summer School and the annual young scholars conference of the postgraduate forum “Postcolonial Narrations”.

The annual GAPS conference is a platform where a variety of scholars and writers from all over the world present their current research. The conference offers students and young academics the opportunity to get into contact with senior scholars outside the common university setting and to diversify their knowledge about a variety of topics discussed in the area of postcolonial literatures and cultures.

GAPS members regularly organize Summer Academies on current topics in postcolonial literatures in English. At these Academies authors and academics give students an insight into the cultural and literary variety of their field of study. Students also earn credit points (ECTS) towards their degrees.

TheĀ postgraduate forum Postcolonial Narrations aims to bring together young scholars and PhD candidates from Germany and beyond who are working in the field of postcolonial literatures and cultures. It provides a platform for young researchers to foster exchange and stimulate discussions of their research topics. With the support of GAPS, the postgraduate forum organises a yearly conference at which participants discuss their ideas and current projects with fellow young academics.