teaching roundtable


At the annual GAPS conferences, members and guests interested in promoting topics related to teaching Anglophone literatures and cultures, languages, and media are invited to join the Teaching Roundtable. As a forum for discussions about teaching and teaching materials, the Roundtable aims to find ways of addressing GAPS-related issues in school contexts, of how to get teachers engaged, or of how and where to publish cutting-edge teaching materials. The Roundtable thus strengthens the association’s commitment to didactic aspects in its fields of study and research. As an addition to didactics-oriented keynotes or panels at the annual conferences, the Roundtable offers an opportunity of discussing teaching methods and principles in a highly participatory way. Unlike panels, roundtables allow a greater measure of interaction between participants, enable spontaneous debates, and invite planning for future events. If you are interested in joining the Roundtable or would like to learn more, please contact GAPS by emailing the president. For a list of past GAPS conferences click here.

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