ASNEL Papers 15

Local Natures, Global Resposibilities.
Ecocritical Perspectives on the New English Literatures.

ASNEL Papers 15.
Volkmann, Laurenz, Nancy Grimm, Ines Detmers & Katrin Thomson (Eds.)
Brill, Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2010.


Table of Contents


Local Natures, Global Responsibilities: An Introduction

(Re)Framing Ecocriticism(s): Topics, Theories and Transnational Tendencies

Vernon Gras: Dialogism as a Solution for the Present Obstacles to an Ecological Culture

Derek Barker: Green Fields: Ecocriticism in South Africa

Serenella Iovino: Ecocriticism and a Non-Anthropocentric Humanism: Reflections on Local Natures and Global Responsibilities

Alex Shishin: Utopian Ecology: Technology and Social Organization in Relation to Nature and Freedom

Emplotments of and Complots Against the Ecosystem

Jens Martin Gurr: Emplotting an Ecosystem: Amitav Gosh’s The Hungry Tide and the Question of Form in Ecocriticism

Nishi Pulugurtha: Refugees, Settlers and Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide

Sissy Helff: Sea of Transformation: Re-Writing Australianness in the Light of Whaling

Kylie Crane: Tracking the Tassie Tiger: Extinction and Ethics in Julia Leigh’s The Hunter

Claudia Duppé: Asset or Home? Ecopolitical Ethics in Patricia Grace’s Potiki

Anke Uebel: Imaginary Restraints: Michael Crummey’s River Thieves and the Beothuk of Newfoundland

(De)Colonized Nature(s)

Astrid Feldbrügge: The Human and the Non-Human World in Zakes Mda’s The Heart of Redness and The Whale Caller

Marion Fries-Dieckmann: “Castaways in the Very Heart of the City”: Island and Metropolis in J.M. Coetzee’s Foe

Michael Mayer: When Trees Become Kings: Nature as a Decolonizing Force in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

Silke Stroh: Towards a Postcolonial Environment? Nature, ‘Native’, and Nation in Scottish Representations of the Oil Industry

(Re)Framing Ecological Disasters

Mark A. McCutcheon: The Medium is … the Monster? Global Aftermathematics in Canadian Articulations of Frankenstein

Greg Garrard: Reading as an Animal: Ecocriticism and Darwinism in Margaret Atwood and Ian McEwan

Giuseppina Botta: Faustian Dreams and Apocalypse in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake

Ingrid-Charlotte Wolter: Science as Deconstruction of Natural Identity: Arthur Conan Doyle’s “When the World Screamed” and Margaret
Atwood’s Oryx and Crake

Nils Zumbansen and Marcel Fromme: Ecocatastrophes in Recent American (Non-)Fictional Texts and Films

Nicole Schröder: Framing Disaster: Images of Nature, Media, and Representational Strategies in Hollywood Disaster Movies

(Re)Negotiating Eth(n)ic Spaces

Sawako Taniyama: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Ice Palace”: Climate, Culture, and Stereotypes

Susanne Gruss: Sex and the City?: Ecofeminism and the Urban Experience in Angela Carter, Anne Enright and Bernardine Evaristo

Florian Niedlich: Travel as Transgression: Claude McKay’s Banana Bottom, J.M. Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K, and Hanif Kureishi’s The Black Album

Ines Detmers: Global Minds and Local Mentalities: ‘Topographies of Terror’ in Salman Rushdie’s Fury and Shalimar the Clown

Notes on Contributors